When you win Stoolies over, you’re doing something right

Another good Volkswagen commercial

Despite the fact that I probably wouldn’t aspire to get any of today’s VWs due to the fact that they’re all kind of pricey and honestly, I don’t like the direction of their styling, I have to admit that I really do oftentimes like their marketing.

I find this commercial enjoyable.  Obvious mom driving around in a slammed Honda Civic Del Sol, complete with trunk system, fart cannon and under glow, and then coming home seconds before her daughter and her loser boyfriend, where they switch keys.

he message is an obvious one that Volkswagens are safe as opposed to a tricked-out rice rocket, but that’s not necessarily why I like the commercial.  I guess as I’ve gotten older and leaving behind the days of when I did like a little rice on my cars in favor of more sensible and practical options.  Regardless, the visuals of a mom in a rice rocket is amusing.  And she’s a total MILF too.

Why I don’t watch previews anymore

In short, frankly, I don’t want to have anything spoiled for me anymore.  In short, it appears that nobody knows how to put together a preview for anything anymore, without giving something crucial away.

Case in point, prior to watching the season 2.5 premiere of The Walking Dead, there was a brief preview montage of what to expect in the next 6-7 episodes.  In this montage of visuals, there was a clip of a gold sedan getting flipped over – this is obviously big, considering the pool of characters in which are capable of driving a motor vehicle is pretty limited to the core cast, meaning someone’s going to be getting seriously hurt.  Obviously, it’s absurd to think that nobody’s going to get hurt in a show about annihilation and survival, but knowing in advance that someone is going to get into a car wreck is something I’d rather not be told ahead of time.

Naturally, when I saw a character hopping into a gold sedan, I groaned in my head, knowing that this person was fucked.  The circumstances in which it all transpired weren’t spoiled, but I knew it was eventually coming.  The entire situation was spoiled in less than one second due to a shitty preview being compiled.

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Five packets of raw sugar into 12 ounces of coffee

As I poured half and half and one Splenda into my own 12 ounces of coffee, my first thought was that eventually, this man was going to rudely reach across and grab for the half and half when I am done.  Like the social troll I can sometimes be, I took my sweet time pouring the usual excess coffee out for all my dead homies, and prepping it the way I like it before relinquishing the oft-demanded half and half.

This man didn’t at all seem the least bit concerned about the half and half because I realized that he was in the midst of ripping open his third packet of raw sugar, and pouring it into his coffee.  He repeated this action twice more while I stirred and re-lidded my own drink before heading back to the office.

I know the raw sugar isn’t as sweet as processed sugar, but essentially what it does to your body is about the same.  Five packets of sugar?  Into a small coffee?  That can’t be normal.

On another note, I just realized that this is my 500th brog post.  What better way to ring in a substantial number than talking about retards?


Totally digging Valentine’s Day Vayne.