It must suck to be New Jersey

It’s that time of the year when a big inanimate sign with the Wrestlemania logo on it ends up being a bigger star on WWE programming than guys like Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella and the Great Khali.  From January until the start of April, the John Cenas, CM Punks, Big Shows and Dolph Zigglers will stare dreamily at, or point at the sign which hangs high above the arenas in which these shows take place in.  But the point of this post is not wrestling at all; it’s about the Wrestlemania logo, or more specifically what is on the Wrestlemania logo.

“NY|NJ”  As in “New York | New Jersey.”  Which will be taking place at MetLife Stadium, which is located approximately in East Rutherford, wait for it, New Jersey.  Not New York.  No part of Wrestlemania will be taking place in the state of New York.  100% of Wrestlemania will be taking place in the state of New Jersey.  Yet the actual Wrestlemania logo goes as far as to integrate the Empire State Building into it as well, further adding to the absurdity that Wrestlemania is going to take place right in the heart of Times Square or something.

The bottom line is that I don’t really understand why New Jersey so often needs or is unnecessarily given the crutch of New York to give it appeal.  The irony is that I don’t even really like New Jersey, but I still feel bad for the state for constantly being in this strange identity limbo that requires New York to be handcuffed to them in order to give them any notoriety.

Wrestlemania is taking place in New Jersey, not New York.  The New York Giants and New York Jets both play their home games at the aforementioned MetLife Stadium, which is puzzling why New York teams have to play in New Jersey instead of well, New York.  Howard Stern managed to get America’s Got Talent moved to New York, only for it to actually film all of its finale episodes in Newark, New Jersey, and nowhere in New York.

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lol China

It’s no secret that China has absolutely zero respect or regards to copyright infringement, and as long as they stonewall themselves in their own country, they may as well be their own planet.  But I like League of Legends, so this is somewhat relevant to my interests.

A LoL-themed restaurant where the waitresses are dressed up as Caitlyns and whatever the dudes do are dressed up as guys like Twisted Fate and Ezreal.  The supposed menu consists of LoL-themed food items, and when gamers aren’t dining, they’re supposedly welcome to play LoL at their one desktop with classy wires sticking out all over the place!

Naturally, this is being done completely unauthorized by Riot Games or the Chinese company that owns Riot Games, but it’s not like anyone will do anything about it.  The Chinese rip Apple products off all while even using Apple’s logo and gets away with it, so something like this isn’t even going to be noticed.  Fortunately for Riot though, is that gimmicks like this ultimately get old very quickly, so it’s really only a matter of time until the LoL craze eventually wanes on its own, and then this place will wilt then, if it even makes it that far in the first place.

How the times have changed

Whenever I walk up to the elevators in my building, sometimes there is an elevator waiting open, and sometimes I have to push the button to call for one.  Regardless of whichever of those is the case, I can fairly easily say that it’s with a majority consistency; the very last elevators in the back of the corridor are the ones I end up having to ride.  I like to call those last two elevators the Rosa Parks elevators; because they’re all the way in the back.

In honor of black history month, it’s time for yet another danny is a racist post, poking fun at double standards and ironic inequality.

The other day, I was the front car sitting at a red light intersection.  I watched as a line of school buses chugged along through the intersection, packed to the gills with children.  Now I don’t hide the fact that I live in a very predominantly black area; shit, I live in Atlanta, which is like 60% African-American.  So I’m watching these buses, and much like the aforementioned demographic, pretty much every single window-seated face, including the drivers of all these buses was African-American.  Anyone who wasn’t black stood out like a sore thumb.

But then I noticed something. Four of the six buses that made it through the busy intersection actually had at least one kid that wasn’t black, sitting at a window seat.  And do you want to know where they were seated?  In three of those four buses, the non-black person at the window, was seated at the back of the bus.  Obviously, I’ll give benefit of the doubt that such was probably just a coincidence, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s no less ironically hilarious that it turned out in such a way.

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Warm Bodies was a warm something alright

I think the most telling thing is that when the ending credits roll, Jonathan Levine’s name doesn’t show up anywhere on it; probably because he doesn’t want anyone to realize that he was responsible for such a lame movie, as the director and screenplay writer.

So yeah, Warm Bodies was a pretty crappy movie, in a nutshell.  It was slow paced, predictable, mostly anti-climactic, and often times just plain boring.  Not even Rob Corddry could rescue it, and John Malkovich wasn’t in it nearly enough to bring it back to some degree of watchability.

There honestly aren’t a ton of things I could say to justify the already mentioned claims because the movie really did lack substance.  Writing zombie characters is incredibly challenging, given the general rules of zombies in literary fiction, and it’s always only a matter of time before the discrepancies and cracks begin to snowball into what essentially becomes a mute or stammering, but otherwise functional humanoid character.

The most disturbing thing about the whole movie though, was the fact that the two protagonists of the film were basically second-rate clones of Edward and Bella from Twilight.  Seriously, scraggly-emoband-frontman looking male lead, albeit a zombie, and a blond Kristen Stewart.  I honestly believe the casting call was “seeking blond Kristen Stewart, including perpetual horse-mouth/snarl and sleep-deprived eyes.”

I know the “still a better love story than Twilight” meme is really popular right now, but honestly I couldn’t even say that, even ironically, Warm Bodies could get that distinction.  At least Edward wasn’t (entirely) shackled by all the rules of having to play a dead thing, and could actually speak, even if his lines were as horrible as the Holocaust.

The things that shape us

I’m not entirely sure what brought this memory to surface, but when I look back at it, I feel like it deserves a bit of contribution to shaping who I am today.  Meaning that someone was once harshly abrasive towards me with racist undertones, contributing towards making me the person who is astute to racist issues while laughing at them at the same time.

When I was in the fifth grade, I remember being pulled out of class, and taken to the office.  Back in elementary school, I was a pretty non-descript unpopular fat kid (can’t really say that much has changed) who mostly kept quiet, so this occurrence was puzzling to me, as well as concerning as getting pulled into the office would be for any grade school kid.  The lady that pulled me out of class was one of the ESL teachers; I have always spoken English, being born in the states, so this was doubly puzzling.

Anyway, I was sat down in one of the cushy office chairs in the waiting area, and the woman stood in front of me and with a narrowing of the eyes, and the finger of accusation pointed at my face, began tearing into me.

“Where are your parents from??”
“Do you know what they’ve gone through??”

But then came the words “How DARE you??” and I knew that I was being accused of something.  What it was, I don’t really know, because frankly I don’t recall to having done a single thing wrong in this particular instance.  The bottom line is that I don’t recall all of the specific words, but it was clear that this was a race-related issue at hand, because it was the ESL teacher (who was white, by the way), who naturally by nature of her job, dealt with all of the foreign-born students to whom English was not their native language.

The thing was though, she was approaching this lecture to me in what I thought was the absolute worst approach ever; by disciplining racism with well, racism.  Her scathing reprimand on me targeted my parents, my Korean heritage, and there were a lot of undertones insinuating that my being Korean was somewhat of a pejorative.  I sat there kind of leaned back, trying to get away from her finger point of righteous American justice, during her entire maniacal tirade, completely baffled out of my mind to why this was going on.

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