The cost of car sanity

The guy I suspect is gay, who sits in the cube behind where I’m currently sitting, bought a car, literally two days before I purchased mine.  Despite the fact that while talking cars two weeks prior to our respective purchases, and me mentioning just how much I regretted purchasing a used car, and that crooked people will pay crooked mechanics crooked money in order to have things not appear on CarFaxes, he still went out and purchased a used car.  A Volkswagen Cabrio, no less, which further justifies my suspicions about his sexual orientation, despite the fact that he has a wife and two kids.

But anyway, I thought I got a lot of flak for buying a car that was seven years old, but he went out and purchased a car that was discontinued outright in 2002.  Granted, his rationale was simply the fact that he did not want to have a car payment at all, which I can understand, but after the misery I just recently left behind, I’m fairly confident that there’s a very good chance that even my next-next car will be new, even if it means I’m locked into a car loan for several years, at least I’ll have the piece of mind that for all intents and purposes, I shouldn’t have to worry about my car, for at least a year or so.

Today, he’s already griping about how his window is stuck down, which is kind of amazing, considering his model is power-nothing, so there’s no regulators or window engines to have malfunctioned, simply his window crank is locked in place, and he can’t fix it.  Furthermore, the lock cylinder in one of his doors is already broken, meaning he’s having to enter his car through the passenger seat.  Man shit, even in the lemon, did I not have these kind of problems.  Regardless, it’s this kind of backlash, that despite the fact that I’ll be dumping a lot of money into a car payment for a lot of months, I still take solace in the fact that when we both leave work today, I’ll be sitting on my cozy leather-heated seats, with the functioning windows, while he’ll be chilly and miserable driving home to his week-old broken, already junker.

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