Dog food croupier

The dog taco is elderly, and needs a little bit of assistance with some tasks these days.  He’s also become quite the finicky eater, and his weight has fluctuated in a not-so good way as a result.

Recently, I’ve discovered the way to expedite his eating habits, but such a process requires me to sit and monitor him while he eats, to make sure that one, he eats, and two, assisting the mostly blind dog taco realize that there is food in front of his face.

I feel like a craps stickman, sitting next to him while his face is in his eating dish, while I have to continuously push the scattered kibble morsels back to the center of the plate for him to dive in and have plenty of food ready for his consumption for him to vigorously chow down on.  With each series of bites, the kibble scatters along the dish, and like at a craps table, I have to use my little stick and gather and compile them back to the center for  him to continue eating.

But it’s all worth it, because lately, it feels as if he may have put some weight back on, since being on this twice-a-day mini-meal schedule, even if it means playing dog food croupier, and ain’t nothing too much to ask for the dog taco.

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