Photos: Halloween Parties

Ahh, Halloween.  The time of year where everyone can dress like complete weirdos, and it be completely acceptable.  This year saw two costume parties, where my camera made cameos at, one being a pleasant house party courtesy of Bunny and Sean, and the other being the Scoutmob-sponsored party at the Goat Farm.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of myself dressed as WCW United States champion La Parka at Bunny and Sean’s, but there are plenty of pictures of myself having the big gay adventures of Fisto at the Goat Farm.

Much appreciation to Bunny and Sean’s hospitality and the pleasant time at their abode.  Scoutmob can suck a fat one for having a relatively poorly planned event, and not even the included-in-the-cost-of-admission beer and wine (wine, seriously?) could change the fact that it was like 48 degrees that night, and I’m in a costume bare-armed and legged.  Sorta related, I have to admit, it was kind of interesting being objectified for once in my life as the furry brief-wearing Masters of the Universe character, receiving my share of heckled cat-calls from drunk chicks.  The Goat Farm party was okay once I got loaded, but damn if it was far from perfect, and very volatile for genuine sucking.

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