So I’m thirty years old now

And there’s no better way to celebrate my 30th birthday than to go eat horribly unhealthy food and drink a lot of beer.  For months I’ve walked past Cypress Street Pint & Plate, and been curious to try them out.  A birthday gathering seemed like an appropriate enough reason to move forward with it.

I knew when I saw it on the menu that there was no other option – Sublime Burger.  Sublime is an excellent doughnut shop local to Atlanta, and like the namesake implies, this was a half-pound burger with two Sublime doughnuts as the buns.  Some might find the idea of sweet buns off-putting, but I had high hopes.  And were they ever met, because it was an absolutely fantastic burger in the end.  Only slightly sweet, and the burger itself was juicy and flavorful.  It obviously had to be a half-pound pre-cooked, because I made that thing disappear like it was the size of a McDonald’s hamburger.

But anyway, thanks to everyone who took the time to text me, call me, IM me or email me well wishes for my birthday.  It is genuinely appreciated.  And special thanks to those of my friends who came out to Cypress St. with me to partake in beer and unhealthy food with me.  Your company is a better gift than any tangible effects.

Anyway, a few photos were taken.

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