I Am Legend, southern style

If you were to tell me that I Am Legend took place in Montgomery, Alabama, I would be inclined to believe you.  This is a picture of downtown Montgomery, on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and there isn’t a single soul in sight.  I am literally standing in the middle of the street, with no fear at all of any oncoming cars.  Because there simply are none.  I really imagined that this is what Robert Neville felt like when wandering about in Los Angeles in the story, notating any dark and shady crevices in which vampires could be hiding in.

Apparently in the god-fearing south, and then deeper in, in Montgomery, they fear him just a little bit more, to the point where they go into complete hiding altogether on Sundays outright.

Seriously, nothing in sight.  I am in the middle of the road, and a minute before this picture was taken, I was contemplating on how I could prop my DSLR on something to photograph me lying down in the middle of an intersection.  But I didn’t want any risk of my camera getting hurt, so I had to go with the shitty self-shot to try and capture the the situation.

But really, nothing was open.  I had ideas of finding a coffee shop and having a nice relaxing morning coffee before heading to the ballpark, but every single one of them was closed.  I didn’t occur to me that I was having a no-caffeine headache until much later on in my drive back to Atlanta, which isn’t ever a pleasant feeling.

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