Can’t think straight lately

It’s kind of silly why, but hopefully within the next few days, things will become clearer and I’ll be able to focus on things better again soon.

I made a brief cameo in Pittsburgh on Sunday, to knock one more park off of my ultimate list to see all 30 MLB parks.  It was convenient for two reasons – it was a day game, in the Eastern Standard Timezone, which meant I was capable of arriving in the morning, seeing baseball, and then leave in the evening.  And secondly, because it was against the Atlanta Braves.  But since I was there in attendance, the Braves D-squad did as they were expected to, and lost, sending me back home with my tail between my legs.  But if there was any genuine good to come out of the trip, it would be the shown Primanti Brothers’ pastrami sandwich.  A heap of pastrami, slaw, tomatoes and cheese, and most importantly the fistful of french fries all smashed in between two pieces of thick bread, and we have a meal that sated me all the way up until the wee-hours of the night.  Absolutely phenomenal.

Pretty much everything else, will come in the inevitable update to Real Men Don’t Wear Small, when one more park falls off my list.

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