Photos: Pictures from Animazement

Alrighty, since I know definitively that there are people waiting to see these pictures, I may as well sadistically save them for last.  Or maybe I’m just going in chronological order?  Whichever.

So Saturday was really the only day that I took any pictures at Animazement, and over half of them are after I got drunk and it devolved into typical drunk people antics.  It’s fine, because as I alluded to while brogging from The Flying Saucer, I’m too old for this anime con shit, and there’s very little for me to do there, really.  Nevermind the fact that a miscommunication faux pas led to me actually paying for con admittance; something I haven’t done in like over 12 years, and that I essentially had a free room too, but there’s really nothing for me at anime cons, aside from hanging out with my friends, supporting my friends/acquaintances, and then boozing.

As for taking photos, it’s pretty obvious.  Seeing as I don’t know 75% of the shit that’s wandering about, the things that really get my attention are either hot girls that just might actually be 18+, costumes that trigger nostalgia or a positive association, or simple costumes that appeal to my current tastes.  That pretty much explains all of the few costume pictures that I actually took.

Now about all the pictures that were taken when I was obviously drunk, I’ll be honest, I really actually don’t remember them all.  Some of it is kind of like a drunken recall, but I do remember my friend Jon passing out completely.  Anyway, the photos: 

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