What happened to me today? Oh, just a little racial profiling

So today I was leaving work today, already feeling a hair disappointed, and I notice this African-American woman getting into her own car.  She’s staring at me, but I don’t think anything of it.  I sit down in my car, and fire up the ignition, and in my peripheral vision, I see movement in my rear-view mirror, and suddenly the lady is standing behind my car, evidently taking a picture of my car, likely the plates.

I quickly get out of my car and say “excuse me.”  No response.  Oh, this better be good.  “Hello?”  No response.  “HEY.  Can I know why you took a picture of my car?”

Weren’t you the one delivering menus in the hotel?

Oh, I get it!  The Chinaman, despite wearing a dress shirt, and pin-striped slacks, like 90% of the people in my work complex, is obviously in disguise, to deliver Chinese food menus in the hotel also in the complex!

“Do I look like I’m here to deliver menus?”  I state, pointing at my clothing.

“He had a messenger bag, just like yours.”  she responds.  Oh, I see.  Asians with messenger bags are clearly storing nothing but Chinese food menus, instead of netbooks, sketchbooks, and notepads.

Well I’m afraid you’re terribly mistaken.“  I announce, with every ounce of hatred in my voice.

“I was mistaken.  I apologize,” this dumb bitch says very unconvincingly.  I continue to glare at her.  “I’m sorry.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself.  You’ve just racially profiled me.  And don’t try and get any sympathy from me since you’re black.  60% of Atlanta is black.  What is this double standard bullshit that makes it impossible for anyone to make any critical remark towards and African-American, but then blacks like you think it’s okay to make assumptions about me because I’m Asian?  I’m not even fucking Chinese, I’m Korean.  I’m offended by your ignorance.  How would you feel if I photographed you because I saw a black woman on the news doing some crime?  Maybe I should start photographing every black person in the city, since the news is full of you people committing crimes on an hourly basis.  You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

Okay, so I didn’t actually say that last paragraph.  That’s the conversation I had in my head as I left and was on my long drive home.  The bitch left after apologizing, but not without me staring at her, wishing her ill-will and embarrassment for her stupidity.

lol.  Chinese food menus.  If I see her again, I’m photographing her, and posting her up online as a panhandler.

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