Chaotic productivity

Today, I:

  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Trimmed hedges
  • Ran laundry
  • Cleaned cat tyranny
  • Bought house essential
  • Changed oil in car


  • Couldn’t get oil filter off of car due to lack of leverage, grew infuriated, had to settle for not changing it
  • Spilled a boatload of oil on driveway, had to dump a boatload of cat litter on it, and it will sit on my driveway for a few days
  • Burned my right forearm on an oil pan that was still scalding hot, resulting in blisters
  • OH YEAH, the chrome trim plate on the peak of my car’s grill snapped off, making my car look ghetto as hell, leaving me wondering if I can actually find a part number, or if I should try much luck at a junkyard for a piece of aesthetic trim.
  • John Smoltz statue fell down and snapped at the ankle like Sid Vicious, subsequently thrown away

I’m pleased with being productive with chores and tedious household tasks, but I’d gladly have put them off for something better to do, and subsequently had to gripe and bitch about how they needed to get done at a later time.

I guess this is the negligent consequence of being a little smitten.  Funny how things work out sometimes.

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