Photos: The July 4th Party

USA FUCK YEAH! indeed.

This year, we had more people come than ever before and Jen and I also bought more fireworks than ever before, for our annual July 4th party that happened on the 7th due to the fucked up nature of July 4th being on a got-damn Wednesday.

Despite the sweltering heat initially, the evening cooled substantially once the sun set out of view, and there was tons of food to match the number of people who came down to Zombieland to eat, drink and watch some fireworks.  And to those who all came, I can’t speak for Jen, but I’m ever grateful that you made the lengthy trip down to our sticks for this party.  It means a lot to me.

As for the party itself, I’d have to say it was a pretty great success.  There was lots of food, plenty of boozing, and our first ever informal noise complaint from an irate neighbor who had the audacity to breed, capped off by a visit from the county police, who showed up to our event as a result of a shots fired tip.  Thankfully, I told everyone to put their gats, pieces, ninas, and heaters away afterward.  Fortunately, the cop was more relieved that he didn’t have to respond to a firefight and had no qualms in driving off while we played with our fireworks.

But really I knew it was a successful party, because when the night was over, both refrigerators were completely empty.  Pictures after the jump.

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