Mafia Graves gun update: Into the zero hour

Dragon-Con is now a day away.  The good news is that in spite of all the delays, side-tracking, and assisting in Jen’s projects, I have every intention of getting the gun completely, 100% finished tomorrow evening.  While others will have already arrived and begin filing into the host hotels, I will have one last relaxing evening at home, where I can unveil the tape covering the wood panels, and apply the last gold accents.

As for the rest of this night, I will apply clear coats to the gun and prepare for finalization.  I need to stop going to bed at 1:00 a.m. on work nights, but it looks like tonight will not be any different.  Tomorrow, or rather today, will not be the same case hopefully.

I am very excited for this weekend.  I still have to pack, and make one good final run for room snacks and biiru.

In another minor topic, this post makes 34 on the month of August.  This is a new high for me for any individual month.  I also pat myself on the back for being a consistent brogger.  I think I’ll celebrate such achievement with a Four Loko this weekend.

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