Photos: 2012 Dragon-Con, Day One

I know there are people out there starving for some Dragon-Con pictures, so I thought I’d put a step towards the cause and go ahead and start publishing them as I make it through each day, instead of waiting to process all of them before posting.

Day one of Dragon-Con for me was mostly just acquainting myself to the convention again, taking everything in, and then eventually going to watch wrestling to interrupt socializing and picture taking.  Naturally, my focus at the con is heavy on taking pictures, and trying to be somewhat efficient at it, despite the fact that I’m a pretty lousy picture taker, relying on a fancy-schmancy camera to do most of the legwork for me.

So without further ado, here’s my pictures from the first day of Dragon-Con.  Have a little mercy on me and float a link in my direction, if you’re going to be sharing any pictures I’ve taken.

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