Photos: 2012 Dragon-Con, Day Three

Finally, I bring to you the third day/night of Dragon-Con, which is my last, because I was simply hungover, and didn’t really feel social enough to proposition anyone still running around in costume on Monday morning to take any additional photos beyond Sunday night.

That being said, in this last gallery is of course, a good bit of costumes I saw while wandering around the grounds, but as seems to be the case in recent years, the last night is also the night where I get obliterated stupid drunk, and make an ass out of myself.

If I could be candid for a second, if there’s anyone I legitimately offended, annoyed, used as physical support for my 190-pound drunk frame, said inappropriate things about while I was heavily inebriated, I do apologize.  Dragon-Con is one of the few times in my life in which I expect to get stupid drunk, and there are obvious consequences to the actions I take.  I can’t say I would do Four Lokos again, but I said that last year too; but the hangover and ensuing results of a hangover might make me think for a third time come next year.

Anyway, costumes, and then the eventual devolution into drunken shenanigans.  Clearly at some point, Jen confiscated my camera to protect it from myself (thank you i love you jen), and as indicative at the fact that there are actually pictures of me amidst this gallery, but honestly, I couldn’t say I remembered at least 30% of the pictures taken in the time that I was still holding onto my own camera.

On parting notes from 2012 Dragon-Con, I can say it was a whole lot of fun.  There was no sappy missed connection, and in spite of my shallow gripes about pretentious Mass Effect costumers, I really did have a good time.  This was really the first time I fully embraced the whole experience instead of partially resenting some of it, with full purchase of admission and hotel stay, and I even took part in a few programming events.  I participated in a premeditated costume group, and I got stupid drunk.  All in all, this might’ve been the best Dragon-Con I’ve been to, the more I think about it.

But alas, the photos.  As always, if you use them, a link back to my brog would be greatly appreciated. 

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