Photos: The Florida trip, second batch

The second day at Disney World, we made our way to the Magic Kingdom (of Strollers).  The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was festive, but seriously, fuckin’ strollers, everywhere.  I know Disney World is a place to bring your kids, but I have to guess that if the kid is still in a stroller, they’re not old enough to really remember a trip to Disney World.  Regardless, it doesn’t stop legions of families to clog up every single walkable surface with strollers and poorly-watched children.  I enjoyed the company and I had fun on the rides, but after a certain point, I couldn’t wait to head back over to Epcot for another evening of Food and Wine Festival.

And back over to Epcot we ended up that night indeed, where more eating and more drinking commenced, with more drunken pictures and photobombing.  Despite it not really amounting to anything other than personal gratification, we successfully completed the “entire world” when it came to sampling at least one item from every single country.

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