For a Halloween party this year, my friends and I decided to bust out some ADVENTURE TIME costumes.  In this case, I am in the perfect costume, being a giant obnoxious-sized BMO, because I’m almost completely physically hidden, and I’m a walking hiding place.

Inside my BMO box, I can make whatever faces I want, collect my thoughts, and more or less hide from the rest of the world if I don’t feel like dealing with it.  But at the same time, I can hardly see shit, I bump into pretty much everything, and my arms eventually get tired from being re-re length, sticking out of two arm holes.  Plus, it totally inhibited how much I actually drank that night, because drinking was a far larger chore than it ever really should be.

No matter, the company was awesome, although I have to say the party was a little lackluster.  Being on a Friday night, where lots of people worked all through the day prior, getting into costumes and going out in public apparently wasn’t on a whole lot of peoples’ agendas on this night.

Pardon the crappy quality of these pictures.  These were all taken on my old shitty Sony CyberShot that’s pretty much dead.  Another disadvantage to being in BMO is the fact that I can’t exactly have my good camera with me for photos, let alone the physical ability to really take pictures.  By no fault of the good graces of those who took these photos is the quality compromised; the camera itself is dated, and dying.  Overexposure, blur and redeye for all!

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