Photos: Candids from the LoL Photoshoot

We took our League of Legends costumes back from Dragon*Con, and drug them out to the woods the get some purty pictures taken of them in a setting that wasn’t a hotel.  Overall, it was a fun experience albeit a little surreal one, because one, I don’t really consider myself that much of a costumer these days other than something for Dragon*Con, and two, I’m hardly good at it, but typically I’m the one behind the camera.

Regardless, that part remained partially the same, because as I did at Dragon*Con, I busted out the crappy old Sony point-and-shoot that fit snugly in one of my many duster pockets to take some candid photos with.  I thought my Sony could still take decent daytime snapshots, but as you’ll see, that’s hardly the case anymore.  I hate to admit it, but I think I need to get a replacement backup point-and-shoot.

The one downside to photographing at a public park are the array of gawkers and slack-jawed mouth breathers that are aghast at the idea of people in costumes taking pictures, and then we have the bandana guy shown above, who waltzes right in and makes everyone feel uneasy.

But yeah, still a fun experience overall.  Much thanks to Benny Lee for trudging out into the sticks to shoot our photos, and I look forward to the quality work he’ll undoubtedly put out.

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