The following list of links are beyond the point of where I can call them projects; these things are far too old, unmaintained, but yet, I don’t have the heart to wipe these out of existence just yet.  They are super-nerdy, and somewhat embarrassing, to tell you the truth, but they’re all things that I did, and they’re as much a part of me and who I am as the feathers are on a bird.  Behold, a collection of writings, galleries, and anime shrines from my past, for you to maybe get a chuckle out of, or at least take a trip down memory lane.


PWNoshop – a short story depicting the dark and dangerous underground world of wArEz.

Tribute to Dehjee – a heartfelt tribute to the lovable little Siberian dwarf hamster who passed due to my own stupidity.

Tribute to the 2006 Korean World Baseball Classic team – the 2006 Korean baseball team came out of nowhere and marched through the first-ever World Baseball Classic. My tribute to them in words and photographs.

Firestone Sucks – Two separate incidents of incompetence, ignorance, and negligence that should hopefully make anyone think twice about buying Firestone tires.

Real Ultimate Old People – my stab at the popular “real ultimate” meme that passed through the internets like a bowel movement back in the early 2000s, using senior citizens and their senility as the subject at hand.

Convention Days

zero relevance – the first real site that garnered me a little bit of internet fame back in the day of when conventions used to be fun.  A collection of image galleries of about four years of conventions, from costumers, goofy shenanigans, bad jokes, and lots of friends, old and new.

Flattering Pictures of Mr. Chu – Mr. Chu HATED IT when I took his photo.  So I tried to do it as often as I could.

Fuck you, dannyhong – a gallery back from 2002 of a whole lot of people, some I knew, some I didn’t, flicking off my camera.

Anime Fandom

perfection 101 – A Yukino Miyazawa / Kare Kano fansite.  She was all perfect on the outside, but just an ordinary over-achiever on the inside – my kinda girl.

Wings of Fire – An Initial D fansite, focusing around the two chicks of the series, Mako and Sayuki, as well as the most awesomest car ever, the Nissan Sil-Eighty.

Gundam Wing Yaoi Lemon Poetry – in other words, bad homoerotic poems, pitting fun at the excess of pitiful middle-aged women fantasizing of gay teenage mech pilots.

Mokonamon – What would happen if Mokona got jealous over the popularity that Pokémon got in the late 90’s?


A Caving Story – Fact or fiction?  A story of two cavers who discover mystery underground while spelunking.  (PDF format, 47 pages)

Redneck Neighbor – Real-life story of a person whose neighbors were bonafide rednecks in an upper-middle class subdivision.  Live animals, failed projects, pool tables in the carport, the hilarity is endless.

Wrestlecrap – Reproduced with permission, the hilarious induction of the Ultimate Warrior’s brief WCW tenure back in 1998.