fighting sticks i made myself is the personal site / blog of me, and only me.  It is my corner of the world where I share my writing, the photos I take, and anything else I see fit to share with the rest of the all-seeing eyes of the internets.  fighting sticks i made myself has been around for nine years, but I have been making websites for a little bit longer.

I’m a graphic designer who resides in, for simplicity’s sake, Atlanta, Georgia.  I like sports, video games, reading, food, the zombie genre, and all sorts of esoteric nerdy crap.  And obviously, I like to write.

Here, you will find primarily me writing about a myriad of things, ranging from baseball, random life stories, to my personal life and career rants.  I don’t take life too seriously, and I’m probably a gigantic hypocrite, too.  But I’ll also share occasional photographs, and other eccentric random things, too.

It started with a whole lot of nerdy / anime fandom-related microsites needing some consolidation that led me to make a personal website, but I’d always had a taste for writing, and soon, the writing and the subsequent pictures I shared became the most important part of the site for me.  Instead of continuing to do it the hard way and tedious way, I decided to finally move forward with my site to a WordPress format to where I can really simply the site to what I enjoy doing the most, which is the writing.

The name “fighting sticks i made myself” and subsequent theme are all based on the 1978 Shaw Brothers kung-fu flick, “Master Killer,” or as it is known in other iterations “Shaolin Master Killer,” or “36th Chamber of Shaolin,” starring Gordon Liu.  For lack of a better term, Liu’s character invents the tri-section staff, and with it, bests his Shaolin superiors in combat, leaves Shaolin and then helps combat the invading Manchurian armies.  Now I’m not saying that I’m out to revolutionize the world or the internets, but everything on this site is a fighting stick, and I made them myself.

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