I’m a person with a somewhat variety of interests and things I like to do, and every now and then, these ideas come to fruition, and somewhere along the line it becomes what I think is a good idea to share with the rest of the world.  That being said, the following are videos, writings, and stories of the things that have entertained me at some point in my life, and I’m hoping that they might do the same for, whomever you are, reading this now.

Real Men Don’t Wear Small

Real Men Don't Wear Small

It’s my goal to one day visit every single Major League Baseball ballpark in America.  Real Men Don’t Wear Small is an ongoing project where I review ballparks and experiences, both on the Major League and Minor League levels.  I also share random stories from the road, photographs, as well as subjective opinions.

The Sonny Chiba CD Collection

Sonny Chiba CDs
The Sonny Chiba CD Collection -  Five years of custom-made compilation CDs, capturing the pursuit of music, good times, and graphic perfection. Just take it …  and shut up.

PWN n00bs with the KING

PWN n00bs with the KING – A parody commercial based on the Burger King “King” lineup of commercials.

Life. Is. Chipmunks.

Life. Is. Chipmunks. For years, psychiatrists have been trying to classify people to the point where there are classifications upon classifications, when the answers to the types of people in this world was right in front of their noses throughout the 80’s, with the children’s cartoon, Alvin & The Chipmunks.

High Z-ciety

high Z-ciety – What if zombies were smart?  A series of varying length short stories chronicling humanity’s impending demise in the wake of the zombie apocalypse.  Written for National Novel Writing Month in 2007, and successfully garnering over 50,000 words.  (PDF format, 175 pages)