Well, this is awkward

So, like a day after I pretty much anoint what I thought was my favorite Miss Fortune, I come across this Miss Fortune costumer.  And it’s kind of one of those situations, like a Ben Stiller-Owen Wilson kind of movie, where a guy gets engaged to a really good looking woman, but like at the night of the engagement, he sees/meets a new woman that really piques his interest, and then the awkward plot of the film is born.

Now I’ll stand by my opinion that I really like the photo of the first Miss Fortune costumer, but I have to say that in comparison of total packages, this one well, blows her away.  Eviscerates her.  I say with an awkward cringe that it’s not even really a comparison.  It’s one of those situations where I guess it’s kind of good there’s a language barrier and the fact that my brog gets probably like six hits a day, with four of them being me, because she probably won’t see these remarks.

But I think it’s pretty much a layup that as far as my little world is concerned, we have a winner of Miss Fortune costumers here.

Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal on all the obvious accounts, I simply think she just, nails it.  The more I look at this particular picture, the more I appreciate it.

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My favorite Miss Fortune costumer

Anyone who’s played League of Legends with me probably knows that Miss Fortune is my favorite character.  She was my first real main champion, and of all the normal Summoner’s Rift games I’ve played, 60% of my wins have probably come with Miss Fortune.  I may dress up as Graves, but it’s because I’m not a curvy female capable of dressing up as Miss Fortune.

Anyway, over the last few years, I’ve had an opinion that in spite of the overall growing talent of the costuming community, I’d yet to see a particularly good Miss Fortune costumer (much like I stated the lack of any really good Ada Wongs).  I’d seen a few here and there, but there would always be something about them that I wasn’t particularly too keen on.  I’m a really, really picky analyst for some reason, I’m guessing it has to do with the detail-oriented nature of my day-to-day occupation, but when it comes to Miss Fortune costumers, I’ve typically always found a reason to glaze over many of the ones who have made the attempt to portray my favorite champion.

I came across this image recently, and I was kind of like whoa. Naturally, I did the stalker-y thing, and delved into the inevitable Facebook and DeviantArt profiles to see more pictures of this Miss Fortune.  I’ll be honest, I’m not crazy about the overall size of her guns and the fact that she’s mostly incapable of holding them in any comfortable looking manner, but the costume as a whole, I’m kind of in love with.

She’s an attractive girl who made and wears the costume fairly decently, but most importantly, and not to sound too pervy, but isn’t too modest to alter the design of the costume to where it becomes boring.  Miss Fortune’s character is all about charming pirates and scoundrels with her looks and sex appeal, and I don’t think it does the design any justice when girls too modest to portray her try and alter it excessively.

Or maybe it’s the power of one particular picture.  I can look at other pictures, but it always goes back to this particular one.  Ultimately, this is the picture that sells it for me.  A little bit sexy, but aesthetically appeasing to my fandom as well as sensibility.  The vibrant red hair, and I’m a sucker for women with large, doe-like eyes.  She’s got a rack, and much like the character, she’s not afraid to flaunt it.  And it’s cropped creatively to minimize just how obscenely over-scale the gun is.

As far as I’m concerned, this is my favorite Miss Fortune costumer out there.  Naturally, she’s like down in South America somewhere and probably doesn’t speak a lick of English, so the chances of seeing and photographing her myself are pretty much nil.  But whatever, I can appreciate what I think is a good costume regardless.

A first time for everything

Last week, I had a general idea of a schedule in which I wanted to write what I wanted to write about SDCC, and when I wanted to have my Comic-Con photos all sorted, processed and ultimately uploaded.  Basically, I told myself that I wanted to have everything done in a week.  Because, I was going out of town during the weekend to gather another bobblehead as well as see a new baseball park, and then I would have more photos to sort and share, and something else to write about next week.

I made my trip out of town over the weekend, but apparently the rains that have plagued Georgia over the last fucking year two months decided to come along with me, and proceed to ruin the one thing I really wanted to accomplish.  Needless to say, it rained just enough for the Danville Braves to cancel the one game I had planned on going to see.  Naturally, the announcement came LITRALLY minutes before my brother and I pulled into the parking lot, not to mention that it had actually stopped raining when we entered Danville itself.  But all the prior rain had sufficiently soaked the outfield to unsafe playing conditions and for the D-Braves to call the game.

I did not get to see a Danville Braves game.  I did not collect a Craig Kimbrel bobblehead, on account of the fact that they did not officially open the gates.  And I also did not get to see my bros from Charlottesville who were already an hour en route to Danville when I had to break it to them that the game was cancelled.  I was not pleased with how that evening turned out.

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SDCC: Parting Thoughts

To me, posting all of the photos from Comic-Con is what officially makes Comic-Con a thing of the past now.  Memories and faces, old and new are all viewable to all eight of my regular visitors and the rest of the would-be inquiring internet.  I’ve shared most of my thoughts about the experience as a whole, and people I’ve photographed may or may not be pleased with the pictures of them that I took.

But before I shift my focus towards back to what lies ahead, I had a few more sporadic thoughts, opinions and words I’d like to get out before I officially close the book on the whole SDCC Experience and try to get back to somewhat of a regular schedule.

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SDCC: Friday and Saturday photos

Hopefully, it was worth the wait, but here’s the second batch of my Comic-Con photos, which encompasses most every picture I snapped on the Friday and Saturday of the convention.

After feeling like I wasn’t getting a whole lot of costume pictures due to the fact that either the quality wasn’t up to my expectations, or I simply couldn’t find any I wanted to photograph, I pretty much spent most of Friday and Saturday seeking out costumers, amidst trying to be creative and taking funny pictures of friends as well.

Admittedly, I felt a little weird putting watermarks on the photos of my friend Cliff in his Sterling Archer costume, as frankly I’ve never taken picture taking that seriously, nor do I think I’m particularly good at it to really warrant it. But I do believe in the ideas and the direction we went with the photos, and I figure if these shots gain any sort of notoriety, may as well try to segue them into credit nobody else can claim.

Anyway, the pictures from the rest of my Comic-Con trip, after the jump.  Read more »