Witnessing History

On April 17th, 2010, I was present at Turner Field, when a no-hitter was thrown.  Ever since I got into baseball, one of the things I’ve always said I wished that I’d experience, was to witness a no-hitter happen live and in person.  And on April 17th, 2010, that wish came true – I saw my no-hitter.

Unfortunately, it was at the expense of the Atlanta Braves, and not a Braves pitcher no-hitting someone else.  Read more »

Minivans and deja vu

A few nights ago, I had a bad dream which involved me rear-ending a minivan.  I awoke in the middle of the night as a result, because the grief of getting into a car accident and the resulting fallout stressed me to the point of waking up.  The situation was simple – I was behind some woman who couldn’t drive (big surprise), and in my frustration, I was following her a little closer than I normally would follow a person.  We turned right onto a road that was going downhill, and then suddenly the woman slams her brakes, and I’m too late myself, and I end up plowing right into her car.

Usually when a dream like this, that involves car accidents occur, I tend to get extra paranoid that I need to be especially careful when driving around, because it could be a sign of some sort. Read more »

Ye old fashioned photo dump

I’ve been a bad, bad brogger.  I’ve let far too much time to pass since I last posted.  But like in the olden days, ten days isn’t that bad.  I used to make posts once a month once things got bad.  I have my reasons though.  The chief one being that the baseball season has begun once again, and that has consumed a great deal of my time.  It’s not like I haven’t been writing all these days, it’s just not on my personal brog.  Enjoying the exposure I can get writing for a site, I’ve been doing plenty of sports-humor writing over at the site in which I’m one of the authors, Talking Chop.  Anyway, if you actually are curious to know the kind of shit I do there, under a pseudonym, no less, take a gander here.

But anyway, in all these last ten days, there have been plenty of photographs taken.  Easter Sunday’s egg painting, the Atlanta Braves Opening Day that saw the wonderful magic of the debut of the phenomenal Jason Heyward, my evening up in Lawrenceville to catch the Opening Day of the minor league Gwinnett Braves, and most notably, my day trip into Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where I paraded around as, and met wrestling legend, Sergeant Slaughter.  At a baseball game, duh.  Oh yeah, you better believe it.

Anyway, I’ll have some more stories to share soon.  I’ve done a little bit of writing here and there, and I’ll take the time to be a good brogger again shortly.


I had an awesome dream the other night.  I was the Tank.  No, not I was the one in control of the Tank, I WAS the Tank.  A big, hulking zombie, impervious to large quantities of ammunition, and at least nine blows from frying pans, night sticks, katanas and baseball bats.

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2010 Bracketology

What with the NCAA Tournament winding down, I figured now would be as good of time as any to make a post about basketball before baseball season engulfs my entire life after Monday.

It’s a good thing I don’t put money on brackets.  Ironically, I had an awesome, winning-worthy bracket last year, but as evident above, that’s clearly not the case this year.  It’s a miracle that I have even one Final Four team this year, considering the massive amount of upsets.  I lost one Final Four team in the first round, and my predicted champion was bounced in the second. Las Vegas must be miserable right now having to pay out all the winnings to drunk idiots randomly picking scrub schools that are actually coming through this year.

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