Affirmative failure to act upon equality

Instead of bitching about how much I hate PowerPoint again, I thought about the root of the cause for my hatred: I work with people that think PowerPoint is the greatest fucking concept on the planet. When I delve deeper and think about these people, I come to the conclusion that I work with people wholly unqualified, uneducated, and incapable of their positions, which begs to eventually ask the question of how these people got their jobs. And the answer to that, is sadly the easiest to hypothesize.

I recently read an article about how in Fulton County, the current workforce diversity breakdown currently stands at 83% black, 9% white, with the remaining 6% being “other,” AKA Asians and Hispanics. I live in Fulton County. Fulton County is pretty large overall, so these same statisticians saw it fit to isolate and examine just the City of Atlanta, which is within Fulton County. And within Atlanta itself, it breaks down to 75% black, 9% white, and 16% other.

The point I’m getting to is the fact that nowhere in the United States is there such an overwhelming discrepancy in the ethnic diversity of the workforce, as there is in Atlanta. The article I read (I’d link to it, but it’s subscriber-walled), basically insinuates how affirmative action not only fails in Atlanta, but leans to go extremely far overboard, in the opposite direction, and essentially accuses Fulton County and the City of Atlanta of favoring blacks above everyone else, due to the overwhelming numbers as their proof. Now I can’t say that some census numbers are good enough justification for me, but I can understand the accusations, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel the same way about how suspicious it sometimes feels.

I’ll come out and say it: I’m against affirmative action. It’s stupid and apologist for actions that happened so far ago that today’s society is forced to suffer. In no way should race, class, gender or orientation ever trump pedigree, qualification and necessary skill in the job market, but what was created with the best of intentions decades ago appears to have exploded in the face of modern society, and has been doing so for quite an unfortunate length of time.

It seems like it was once a forced quota system to get more minority demographics into the work force, but now it appears that it’s become a system that favors the people they were once forced to hire.

I don’t really have to look further than my own company to justify my suspicions. Since I’ve been with my company, I’ve seen seven people either retire or quit. One was replaced from within, but the other six positions were all filled by African-Americans, with five of those being women. And there’s not an ounce of me that believes that they were the most qualified people for the job, because frankly the ones that have gotten positions that I have to personally work with, are dumb as bricks, and have demonstrated zero capability of being able to do their own fucking jobs.

They have little to no understanding of basic computer operation, and have to have their hands held to do the most trite and basic functions. Their communication skills are shit, and they clearly have no experience with dealing with graphic designers.  They demonstrate to me that they don’t have the qualifications to their own jobs, so the question really becomes, how did they get them?

If not qualifications or experience, then what else could it be?

This is not how the world should operate.  Experience, qualifications, and if it were up to me, and aptitude tests, are all that should matter when it comes to getting a job.

Photos: Colorado Springs and more Denver

The following camera dump is the remainder of the photographs I took whilst out in Colorado.  The second day of my trip, I ventured out to Colorado Springs with the main objective being the minor league park located there.  But at the same time, it was a good excuse to see the world a little bit, and I wandered about Colorado Springs to see what this city had to offer.

Beautiful nature, that was for sure; I found a place called “The Garden of Gods,” and there was no way I couldn’t check it out.  Although I probably only saw about a thirtieth of the place, I still spent some time walking and hiking some of their trails, and took in some of the mountainous sights.  And before I headed back into suburbia to see the ballpark, I passed through Old Colorado City, an old town that I honestly do not know the historical significance of.

Aside from the Minor league photos, I went back to Coors on my last day, to collect some bobbleheads.  And since I honestly didn’t really have any genuine vested interest in another Rockies game, I left the game early, and played some old school arcade games at 1UP Bar, since I didn’t actually get to go in the first night, because the place was packed.

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Yes, the dog has a blue tail

There’s really not a whole lot more to discuss about this.  The dog’s tail is now blue, and yes, it is semi-permanent hair dye, so it’s there until it grows out or fades completely.  Rockstar dog!

Smooth as a good scotch

Yeah, I know, gushing about how awesome a day was, is so 2001 brogging.  But it occurs to me just how rare it is that I find myself having what seems to be a genuinely good day; not to sound overly pessimistic, it just really does feel that way to me.

Anyway, I made a day trip up to Detroit, to catch a baseball game.  And anyone who’s paying attention should know by now that “going to go see a baseball game” usually entails going to see the city.  That being said, I had never been to Detroit, let alone Michigan in my entire life, and a baseball game was as good as excuse as any to tackle two goals at the same time.

Eventually, I’ll update my baseball parks page with the ballpark I went to watch the Braves lose in this time, but I just can’t really get over how smooth of a day everything went for me.  I ain’t even mad that the Braves lost.  I ain’t even mad that I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. in order to make this day even happen.  Everything else just went so well, that it’s put me in a fantastic mood.

The only complication of the day was quite a large one, which was the questionable status of the flight out that would have gotten me to Detroit.  Jen didn’t believe me when I said that the massive standby list was probably on account of people wanting to go watch the Braves playing a rare series in Detroit, but I knew I was right when I saw numerous, numerous people of all ages wearing Braves jerseys, hats, and shirts.  Fortunately for me, just barely enough people no-showed, or were stuck at the TSA-furloughed security checkpoint for me to eek my way onto the flight.  And when the plane’s doors were shut, and we pushed back, I knew I had overcome my biggest obstacle of the day.

From there on, the day just went smooth as silk.  The weather in Detroit was magnificent, with it never going higher than 70 degrees, and it was beautiful, sunny, and I had actually remembered to bring my sunglasses for it.  I tried some new restaurants that came recommended by locals, and watched a good baseball game; the result was obviously not my desired one, but I’ve seen the Braves lose so many times on the road, that it doesn’t even bother me anymore.

And then on the way out, I found not just one, but two Tim Horton’s, where I was able to indulge in the Iced Capps that I had so severely fallen in love with in past trips into Canada, before I got back to the airport to find out that the return flight to Atlanta was open wider than a Chloe Sevingy character’s legs, and had zero difficulty getting on, and having plenty of arm rest and reading time to boot.

Seriously, I’ve never had a day run as smoothly as this, as is the story of my life, there’s always something to dampen, or wet blanket the mood at some point.  Probably it’s because my biggest concern of the day was addressed, resolved and overcome so early in the day, that it just set the tone for everything to simply get better throughout the rest of it.

But as it stands right now, I am in a good mood, and I feel good about it.

Lowered expectations

The impetus: State of Georgia’s HOPE scholarship AKA the free in-state school tuition available to children with a B average, has lowered the grant qualifications from a 3.0 B average to a 2.0 C average.

You know what I had coming to me when I brought home C’s?  An ass-whoopin.

Okay, maybe not a real ass-whoopin, but I certainly would have preferred an ass-whoopin if it meant I didn’t have to deal with the mind-fucking my mom would give me with her disappointed behavior and passive-aggressive self-loathing at raising such a mediocre child.  When your own mother doesn’t really want to talk to you because you brought home a C, it makes you feel a little bit like shit, and develop a complex for getting C’s, let alone anything worse.  C’s may as well have been F’s, because it really didn’t change the way my mom acted.

But anyway, needless to say, it’s a sad day in Georgia that the children for tomorrow will be getting rewarded for their mediocrity in academics by being able to get into the University of Georgia for free, as long as they can maintain, mediocrity.  And I say UGA, because why the hell would anyone settle for any other HOPE-qualifying school other than the most famous one?  And you know they’re all going to go to UGA to become party bros and hos, join frats and sororities, go to football-driven keggers, become obsessed with the football team, bulldogs and the color red, and eventually forget how to spell “dog” correctly.  And then, they’ll graduate from UGA with mediocrity, but the important thing is that they’ll have a degree, which apparently means you’re qualified to do god’s work now.

This sucks for any teenager today who’s actually smart, and is actually aiming for greatness.  Say they fail to get into their top choice schools, because they want better than UGA, or West Georgia or Georgia Southern.  When they don’t get into their desired school, perhaps they take a route where they build their career from scratch.  But then one fateful day comes where they’re vying for a job, where it boils down to the smart self-made young adult, versus some bro who slacked his way to a sheet of paper from UGA, and the company is more impressed with that, and hires the bro while the more qualified candidate is kicked to the curb.

There should never be any reward for mediocrity.  There is nothing good about being mediocre.  Nobody ever remembered who the TV champ was, or the European champ.  Nobody ever cared about Horace Grant, or Stephanie Tanner or the middle daughter in Family Matters.  Mediocrity is the worst.  It’s a place where one can’t become great, but isn’t bad enough to hit bottom, where they might learn something and rebuild.