fighting sticks i made myself is my personal brog.  I am a graphic designer out of Atlanta, Georgia, and I am part jock, part geek, but all nerd.

And this nerd is concerned with the gradual fading of the personal website, as people grow more content to be cogs and numbers in giant social networking machines instead of trying to build, grow and maintain their own slice of the internet.  So he stands defiant and often feeling alone at being one who does it for zero glory and no motivation except personal gratification.

I really enjoy writing, which is why I have a brog in the first place.  I have been brogging since 2001, before it was even called brogging.  I take a great deal of pride in the fact that I have been consistently writing for over a decade now, and I put forth a good deal of effort to ensure that such consistency be maintained.  I like to write about whatever strikes my fancy, from sports, food, media, to my personal life and rants about my career.

Maybe I’ll write something you’ll find offensive; profanity exists here, rampantly at that.  Hopefully I write things that entertain, amuse or make you laugh.  The bottom line is that I don’t try to take life too seriously, and I hope that people don’t take my choice of words seriously, either.  If I’ve got any shred of talent, the context of my words should be sufficient enough.

Aside from writing, I like to use my brog as somewhat of a gateway to other interests.  I like sports, travel, reading, video games, zombies, and other random nerdy shit that escapes me at the moment.  I also take pictures from time to time, and like to use my brog as a place where I can dump my photos to share with the viewing world.

But yeah, that’s really the long and short of things.  The brog’s called fighting sticks i made myself, because it’s based on a line from the poorly-dubbed Gordon Liu/Shaw Brothers flick, Shaolin Master Killer.  And it’s called a brog, because I’m Asian, and clearly, I have such a limited grasp over the English language that I can’t pronounce “brog” correctly.