Mafia Graves gun complete. Ready for Dragon-Con now.

A little too close for comfort, but I am officially finished with the Mafia Graves gun, before the start of Dragon-Con.  In addition to learning about the wonders of Shell Shock, I have recently learned just how great stuff like WonderFlex is, as it’s what’s used as the gold trim accents to the gun’s wooden components.

But yeah, the gun’s officially finished, and for the most part, I am satisfied with this being my fairly novice foray into making a prop, with chemicals and pretty badass materials.  There are a few details omitted due to time and lack of foresight, but I’m not going to point any of ‘em out to face scrutiny.  Maybe I’ll address them another time.

So with that done, I’m ready for Dragon-Con now.  Mafia Graves costume comes out on Saturday afternoon.  La Parka’s appearance is up in the air.

My suitcase is 90% packed, and I blew about $45 on booze; that I intend on drinking myself throughout the weekend.  And yes, there is Four Loko, as reckless of a plan that is; but they’re like starting pitchers of drinking, they just simply do the meat of the work, and then I can nurse and sustain from there.

Three people have volunteered to be wingmen/women for me this weekend.  Somewhere in this supposed generosity is a sign that I seem to exude a sense of desperation or some people really think I really need to have a girl in my life these days.  But I guess one thing’s for certain, if I have another encounter like I had with the blue haired girl from last year, I won’t pussy up and let an opportunity pass again.

Anyway, with this post, I’m probably done for a few days as well as the rest of the month.  36 posts in an entire month, I don’t know if I’ll ever top that any time soon, but hurrah for me.  But expect a lot of activity, photos and stories after Dragon-Con wraps up in ensuing days.

Photos: Jen’s birthday

Just because we’re in the midst of costume and prop-making hell, doesn’t mean we can’t take a few hours off on a late August evening to celebrate a special occasion.  Jen is now 31 years old, and we parley our weekly night of trivia into an evening of fatty popcorn, ice cream cake, along with the trivia.

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Mafia Graves gun update: Into the zero hour

Dragon-Con is now a day away.  The good news is that in spite of all the delays, side-tracking, and assisting in Jen’s projects, I have every intention of getting the gun completely, 100% finished tomorrow evening.  While others will have already arrived and begin filing into the host hotels, I will have one last relaxing evening at home, where I can unveil the tape covering the wood panels, and apply the last gold accents.

As for the rest of this night, I will apply clear coats to the gun and prepare for finalization.  I need to stop going to bed at 1:00 a.m. on work nights, but it looks like tonight will not be any different.  Tomorrow, or rather today, will not be the same case hopefully.

I am very excited for this weekend.  I still have to pack, and make one good final run for room snacks and biiru.

In another minor topic, this post makes 34 on the month of August.  This is a new high for me for any individual month.  I also pat myself on the back for being a consistent brogger.  I think I’ll celebrate such achievement with a Four Loko this weekend.

Why do so many girls have tattoos of swallows?

Pretty often, I see girls who are sporting a lot of ink.  I am obviously no stranger to the gun, but ironically haven’t gotten another tattoo since I was 17.  But in the right applications, I think some tattoos look good on the right girls.  Wandering around Midtown, or in the times when I go to Little Five Points, if I said that I should drink a beer every time I saw a girl with a swallow tattooed on her, I would probably get hammered on a fairly regular basis.

I legitimately am curious to why this is such a popular thing to get tattooed, ignoring the obvious immature statements involving the word swallows.  It’s a definite upgrade from the trend of gaudy tramp stamp tattoos, but it’s getting to the point of where it’s so common, it’s becoming anti-hip in my opinion.  The irony of me making such a statement is that one of these days, I’ll meet a girl that I’ll totally dig, and she’ll have a swallow(s) tattooed on her, and I’ll be forced to eat my words but that’s okay.

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This is not how business is conducted

There is this guy at my office that doesn’t like me.  Now I’m not saying that in that teenage kind of way in which I’m just speculating, because I have every reason to believe that this guy just does not like me.  He’s significantly older than I am, and kind of symbolizes the old world.  He was once in a position of managerial power, but was demoted at some point.  My peers here who remember his regime of management cite that he was the utmost of micro-managers, and describe the kind of authority that would have made me quit, had I been present during that time.

But anyway, it’s very obvious he doesn’t care much for me.  On the hierarchy of the office, he and I are essentially on the same plateau, and that has to bother him a great deal.  He has his own office solely based on tenure, but the truth of the matter is that doesn’t really do much different work than I do; if anything at all, he gets more shit work than I do.  But if that’s not enough justification, the fact that he won’t ever look me in the eye, and on several instances, in the office and at the one out-of-town work conference I attended, he flat out refused to get on the same elevator as I was on.  As in, he is waiting for an elevator, but when he sees me show up, he will not board the elevator if it means having to share it with me alone, and will blatantly stand put and wait for the next one.

No matter, I don’t particularly care for him either.  I think he’s a petty, meddling, obsolete, micro-managing, corporate stooge, but I don’t really care of him enough to warrant any ill-will.  I just think he’s kind of an old nobody, but who has tenure with this company, so I shouldn’t expect to see him go away any time soon.

Anyway, it was an interesting occurrence recently that has forced him to have to communicate with me, and I realize that aside from being the stooge he is, he’s also kind of a Jew.

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