Bullying fail paradox

Obviously in today’s society, there’s a great deal of attention being given towards the age old practice of bullying.  If you base it off of perception, then it’s safe to believe that bullying is the number one cause of pretty much everything horrible in the United States, surpassing disease, obesity and bears.

But before I go completely off tangent in another exaggerated introduction, let’s get back to the point.  As PSAs like the one the WWE runs every single week, when it comes to bullying, one of the first things that is advised towards children, is to tell someone.  Preferably an adult or someone with authoritative power, to try and put a stop to it.

Ah, Clayton County, Georgia.  Where failure isn’t just a common occurrence, but pretty much a way of life.  Long story short: kid who is being bullied does what he’s supposed to do, and tells someone.  His 59-year old great aunt.  Great aunt goes to kid’s school to confront bully and tells him:

If you put your hands on my child, I will (mess) you up, your momma and your whole generation.

And in a twist of irony, bully goes and tells someone that he was being bullied.  The Clayton County sheriff’s department.

In the end, the 59-year old great aunt is arrested, and everyone loses.  There’s no way the 59-year old aunt is going to be able to post the $5,000 bond.  The bully is going to be outed as a pussy for tattling to the cops when he was bullied.  And the great-nephew of the arrested woman is going to get it the worst, because not only is he now going to be known as the kid whose big-bad-mean great aunt will show up to the school to defend him, but now that the bully is going to get bullied for being a pussy, he’s going to take it out doubly worse on the kid, for humiliating him and ruining his cred.

Everyone loses, the bullying won’t stop, and will in fact probably get worse, and the chain extended.  Game over, and good night, Clayton County.  Don’t ever change, because where else would I get my local amusement from?

I hardly knew you, I never met you, but I’m going to miss you


A brief moment of silence for the passing of a place I always wanted to go to, but will never get the opportunity to visit.

Chink’s Steaks in Philadelphia. They’re not actually closing shop, but they’re doing something worse: changing their entire name and identity. They’re going from the obviously offensive, but without remorse or regretful name, with the gritty, blue-collar appearance of most Philadelphia businesses, to a teal-white-and-brown diner-esque identity that makes me cringe with discomfort at their caving to “popular” opinion.

The saddest thing is that I’d never got to have a Chink’s cheesesteak, and as it turns out, I never will.

R.I.P. Chink’s.

*Including rape, murder and infidelity

This Tiger Woods ad cracks me up.  It embodies one of the biggest fallacies in sport, acknowledges Tiger’s own scandalous and debaucherous history that people did not approve of, and then flicks it off, takes a steaming pile of shit on top of them, and says “yeah, fuck you.

As much as Nike wants you to believe it, winning does not take care of everything.  Just because Tiger Woods is good at hitting a small white ball great distances with a metal stick, and getting it to roll into a tiny hole with minimal swings does not take care of the fact that he’s a sex-addicted narcissist who ruined lives and his own marriage to indulge his sloth.  The same applies to Kobe Bryant, and that just because he scored 81 points and won another NBA championship does not rectify having raped a woman in Colorado.  The same applies to Ray Lewis, and that winning two Super Bowls does not absolve him of having stabbing a guy to death.

No, winning does not take care of all these things.  All it does is give the blatantly corrupt media machine something nice to say about an athlete to hide the fact that beneath their unsubstantial and unimportant sport-related achievements, they’re still worthless as human beings.

I know Nike’s a business that’s all about making money, but at what point does even their employees and creative teams stop and reflect on the fact that they’re acknowledging this critical fallacy?  To a degree the impression that I get is that Nike is okay with people being criminals, as long as they go out and to something victorious and extraordinary in sports to make up for it.

Hm.  One part of me is contemplating that perhaps I should stop purchasing any Nike products for my own athletic endeavors, but at the same time it’s hard to imagine that any other athletic company isn’t covering up for their own stable of crooks and criminals as well; maybe not as blatantly as Nike but I can’t imagine that they’re alone in this practice.

Kinda sucks.

I really hope this doesn’t happen

Long story short: A bill that states that foreigners who have drivers licenses from countries that have “similar” driving laws as the United States would NOT be required to test for a Georgia drivers license, is gaining momentum and could feasibly pass.

This is not me being racist, this is not me channeling some inner right-wing demon that I didn’t know I had.  This is about the fact that it’s basically scientifically proven that 90% of the Earth’s population, regardless of race, is incapable of competently operating a motor vehicle.  The risks exponentially increase when those from other countries that drive on the wrong side of the road, drive in Sub-Zero’s outfit, or simply drive as if they were driving in their native lands try and mix into the already nightmare-ish driving conditions of Georgia.  To legally accommodate making these circumstances even easier is the city begging for more chaos.

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This is how I feel when I read this story.

Basically, when I came across the story about these retard teenagers who went around grocery stores and filmed themselves pretending to trip, flop and flail to the ground while holding gallon containers of milk or other beverages, resulting in massive messes and startled people, I had one of those aw, what the fuck, what is the world coming to, I hate people, humanity is doomed feelings.  It’s not funny, it’s a waste of perfectly good food, and it puts innocent strangers at risk of getting dirtied or possibly slipping themselves.  Worst of all, I didn’t actually think that these guys would get reprimanded for their actions, and would probably keep on doing it, and worse yet, influence other retard trolls to do it too.

The fact that these three worthless fucks are being nailed with criminal charges for destruction of property and disorderly conduct makes me happier than when I see a single driver actually getting caught and pulled over in the HOV lane.  The faith in humanity gauge rises a little bit, upon hearing this news.  I hope their haji father/uncle goes all old country on them and beats the living shit out of them too, for having now becoming criminals.

The funny thing to me is that apparently all of this was in Northern Virginia, not too far from where I lived.  That pretty much explains why the three little shits were clearly of Middle Eastern descent, because Northern Virginia is practically like West Afghanistan now.  In fact, Marshall High School is pretty close to where I used to work at one point.  If there was one thing that old Fairfax County was pretty thorough with, it was its police force’s need for justice and to actually catch misdemeanor perpetrators like these worthless fucks.

It’s wishful thinking, but here’s to hoping that this kind of backlash makes “merry pranksters” think twice about their choice of public trolling.