Don’t necessarily know how it happened

But I’ve been on a little bit of a Eurobeat kick lately.  I first watched a few old DVDs of Initial D, and the next thing I knew, I was digging out old storage boxes, and retrieving some of the non-stop anniversary collections, apparently celebrated every ten collections.  And since I’ve been doing a pretty long commute the last seven business days, I’ve been listening to these old CDs, and letting the bass beat my heart for me while I’m still waking up, while feeling reminiscent of the past.

It amuses me to no end that the basis of Eurobeat revolves around three things – love, fire, and money.  There’s a whole lot of dancing mentioned, but it’s always with one or all of the aforementioned three factors goal in mind.

Friday night


Behavioral studies of dorks

Last night’s trivia was a wash, but I’m pleased that I have remembrance of certain obscure knowledge of like what brand of shoes the Heaven’s Gate suicide cult wore when they 86′d themselves, and that Pietro Maximoff, AKA Quicksilver, is the brother of the Scarlet Witch.

But anyway, the story for the day isn’t about trivia and its disturbing regulars that consists of lolitas, but simply a behavioral observation of dorks.

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Learn something new every day

Now I’ve been doing this graphic design schtick for the better part of the last ten years or so, and I like to think that I’ve seen a good bit.  But apparently, regardless of the massive amounts of production work I’ve done in the past, there is always still some room for this old dog to learn some new things.

virgule, n. – a short oblique stroke (/) between two words indicating that whichever is appropriate may be chosen to complete the sense of the text in which they occur

In other words, a slash.  Instructions were given to me by an editor to add a space before and after a virgule, and I’m sitting there going wtf.  So I looked it up, and lo and behold, it’s a got-damn slash.

And as much as I enjoyed pronouncing it like the greatest slave-gimmick of all time, it’s actually pronounced “vur-gyool

Targets only the gray

So, while I’m still sitting here at Willy’s, I have to write about these two assclowns sitting behind me.

To be fair, I guess one of them is truly an assclown, and likely bordering along the lines of “tool” and “douchebag,” based on some of the things I’ve heard come out of his mouth.  The other is older, and seems a little more even keeled, and sure, he’s driven by tits and tail too, but then again what straight guy isn’t?

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