My arms feel like Rich Harden, and my legs feel like Chipper Jones.  But all with good reason.  What started with a new television snowballed into an effort to renovate my personal quarters, with me now paying dividends for my work, proving that things are easier when the house is new and unfurnished, and that I am indeed, getting old as fuck.

I haven’t worked all week, and haven’t gotten yet paid for the week of work previously.  Work is coming back as of Tuesday, and some interesting opportunities may arise (hopefully) in coming time.

The year is steadily approaching it’s finale.  Without much trepidation I say it can’t come soon enough.  But more on a lot of the aforementioned topics at a later date.  It’s Christmas, and I intend to spend today doing jack squat, eating food I like, and playing video games all day.

Merry Christmas, world.

Photos: C’ville Day Trip

Recently took a road trip up to old C’ville to visit some old friends.  Who have kids now.  Whose local friends all have kids too.  Kids everywhere!  Man, I’m feeling old.

When the minority is thought to be the majority

A long time ago, I used to really like to wear baggy clothing.  Partially because I was a lot tubbier than I am these days, and partially because I simply liked to wear really baggy clothing.  However, back in those days, finding shirts that were XXL or larger was almost unheard of, and I would scoff at the legions of large or smaller sized shirts, mostly because they were not my preference.  Subsequently, XXL+ were much rarer, and if you could find the larger sizes, also cost a little extra, which I was willing to pay, for the sake of my “fashion.”  Fortunately for me, such habits have changed over the last decade or so, and my preferred shirt size is appropriately just large.

On a recent trip to Virginia, I wanted to pick up an ACC Champion Virginia Tech t-shirt, and no better place to look for one than in Virginia itself.  It’s a fairly basic shirt, with nothing too fancy, and I learned that Dick’s Sporting Goods stores don’t really prefer to sell basic stuff, opting for the over-designed, and name-branded clothing manufacturers, that they can charge $20+ for, as opposed to the basic and simple things sold much cheaper in Blacksburg itself.  Or, a Wal-Mart, which could actually be relied upon to sell some more basic wares, and I was delighted to find a wide variety of shirts, coats, as well as other logo-branded items.  At first, it was a little overwhelming, with all the things they had to sell, but when I dove into the racks to actually start looking for stuff for me, that elation began to turn into frustration.  Eventually, it turned into disdain and disgust.

Y’see, despite the wide variety of basic, inexpensive designs that Wal-Mart had available, I was duped into thinking that their stocks were just fine, since there were still literal stacks of every single available option, still on the shelves.  But upon further examination revealed that in 95% of those cases, the only available sizes left were XXL, 3XL, and flabbergasting 4XL.  With the exception of the two large-sized shirts that I ended up buying, everything else was of the gigantic fat-fuck size variety.  And unfortunately, the ACC Champion shirts were all in the same boat, too.  Apparently, Wal-Mart seems to have over-estimated their interpretation of just how many morbidly obese people would be in the market for school-branded apparel, and short-changed those of whom were looking for more logical sizing.

What this says about the clientele of Wal-Mart, or the state of society in which we live in today is certainly something, but in the end, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s all a little sad and pathetic.  I want to believe that if fat-fuck sized clothing were harder to acquire for some of these blobs, then maybe it would motivate them to do something about their affliction.  Not accommodate, or cater to.

Next year, it’ll be “Santa’s Little Filthy Dirty Slut”

A part of me is a little sad and disheartened that society is gradually headed in this degrading direction of objectifying women . . . actually, that part I don’t really care about, but the part where traditions, and concepts of childhood, purity, and innocence, turned into blatant capitalist pursuits of profit by turning them sexually suggestive is a little pathetic.  Look, I know that sex sells, but eventually, there will literally be no concept or idea that doesn’t have a sexy dark side somewhere out there.  Halloween’s already been sluttified, now I find out Christmas is too.  If it already hasn’t been done by now, I’m sure the Easter-themed sexy Easter bunny, complete with fluffy-tail g-string, carrot dildo, and pastel-colored diaphragm is awaiting in April, and the party industry is probably hard at work trying to sexy-fy Independence Day next.

But the other part of me would be doing backflips if there was a girl in my life who was willing to wear this, and be my little Ho-Ho-HO!.

Perils of Atlanta winters

This is very similar to what my drive home from trivia looked like tonight.  The only real difference is that it was dark out.  But the visuals were otherwise the same, with cars sitting in ditches, wrecked, flipped over, or stalled on the shoulder.  Whether or not there was anyone hurt or injured is unknown, but there were most certainly plenty of abandoned wrecks on the side of the road tonight.  All because it rained today, and compounded with the week of arctic weather we’ve had, led to, predictably, lots of ice on the streets.  And naturally, Atlanta, being in a Southern state, is ill-prepared for such circumstances, and there are no trucks to ice the roads, leading to lots of accidents, closed roads and highways, and worst of all, an epidemic called “more retarded than usual drivers.”

Seriously, the ice on the roads don’t scare me the least bit, but the other people “driving” in their cars worry the ever living shit out of me.  On empty roads, I’m 100% confident in my ability to get home, but having to dodge cars on the Connector and I-285 that slam their brakes when they think they see ice, are about to go over bridges, or are generally traveling at 35 mph speeds on highways that require deft maneuvering around creates very unsafe driving conditions.  It also didn’t help that the cops and DOT started blocking off ramps and exits that had any sort of bridge and/or curve involved, because people are just fucking retarded.  What is normally a 30 minute drive took me 50, due to all circumstances noted.  The fascinating thing is that at first, with all the cars wrecked and abandoned all over the streets, it looked a lot like The Walking Dead, and I was almost expecting to see zombies emerging from the ditches a quarter mile later.