Wondering why I’m not online today?

As humorous as it is, and kind of comeuppance to Jen for all those years she got to boast about having today off, but as far as I know, just the state of Georgia has a state holiday today, and at least to me, it sucks.  Confederate Memorial Day.  What sucks isn’t the fact that it’s more or less a day celebrating the unification of a faction that thrived on slavery and unequal rights for human beings, no, I can accept that as a piece of American history.  That’s fine.  What sucks for me is the fact that because I’m a freelancer, and live by the hourly wages, this is a day in which I am not getting paid at all, because the state government agency I work for does not operate on this “holiday.”

Photos: Art League Atlanta, Round 2

Round 2 of Art League Atlanta action, as Jen advanced to the second round, with the winner going all the way to the finals.  Not really a whole lot for me to say about the whole concept, or the art in itself, but it was still a fun evening with some friends, where thankfully, I didn’t get nearly as trashed as I did in round 1, which had me waking up the next morning with a bit of a hangover.  It’s quite a scene, with a myriad of types of people, lots of drinking, lots of people pretending to be photographers, and quite a few chicks practically wearing nothing but paint, pasties and panties.

As for Jen and her opponent, the best analogy I have for the situation is that it was like 80s-90s WWF women’s division, where Alundra Blayze was the champion.  She was also thin, in shape, and blonde.  And since it’s easy for the fans to assume that the pretty champion was the good guy, Vince McMahon always fed her a steady diet of opponents that were weird, not-quite as good looking, and a tad on the rotund side.  Perfect analogy.

She also did a whole lot of weird abstract art, which made absolutely no sense to me, whenever I glanced at her execution.  Oh, she’s using a hair dryer on her piece… but it doesn’t really change the fact that it still kinda sucked.  Now I don’t pretend that I have some extensive art background, despite the fact that I’m somewhat of an artist myself for a living, but seriously, no fucking clue.  Smashed up plexiglass with red paint watered down, splattered onto it, and then forcefully dried with a hair dryer doesn’t really result in something at all that visually appealing, let alone sellable for actual United States currency.

But no matter, I’m only mean because of her sore loser, poorly veiled remarks towards Jen and her work.  Because Jen defeated her fairly easily in the end, to the surprise of pretty much nobody present, so in the end, it could be said that the evening was pretty successful on all accounts.

So my stigmata is acting up again

On my way home from the airport after an afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina, I was getting tailgated by a BMW.  This comes as no surprise as scientifically proven, 100% of BMW drivers are douchebags.  To make matters worse, I could see in the rearview mirror that it was a black guy with a big gold watch, leaned over across the passenger seat like black guys stereotypically position themselves while driving.  Since I see absolutely no point in altering my driving stance to accommodate a douchebag, I maintain the course, and they can pass me when it’s convenient for them.  Eventually, the opportunity presents itself, and he blows past me.  His license plate reads “BLCKCZR.”  If this is trying to say “Black Czar,” which was the first thought that popped into my head, my head just exploded.  It’s like racism, hypocrisy, wrapped in more racism, encased in a douchebaggy BMW.  Incredible.

Photos: Atlanta Braves 2011 Home Opener

It’s amusing to me how this year, so many teams are doing these grandiose WWE-style entrances for the players for their home openers, with the Braves being no exception on their own opener.  It pales in contrast to the prior year, where it was traditional lineups and fan applause instead, but whatever floats their boat.  Despite the fact that the Phillies were on the table for the home opener, I didn’t want to miss out on breaking in a new season of watching baseball at the home park.

There were a few noticeable differences around the park this year, with a lot of renovations being done to hopefully improve commerce within the gates throughout the course of the season.  Instead of the legion of clone food stands, there’s actually a little bit more variety with consumable options.  Where as previous years, there were the same crappy fan gear being sold in the merch stands of varying sizes, they actually have some variety in brands and labels throughout the park.  And despite not ever having anything I’m remotely interested in purchasing, the team clubhouse store was impressively renovated.  Color me impressed.

One thing I am not impressed about though is this year’s Tomahawk Team.  I think the standards of what makes a glorified Braves cheerleader have really gone down throughout the last two years, and I’m very amused by the litany of fake names that many of them are obviously using.  Seriously, “Aria?“  Someone must be a Mass Effect 2 fan.  And if that’s the case, I’d totally be interested, if not for the three pounds of makeup, fake tan, and eh well, I’m not one to speak, but whatever, butterface.

So glad baseball’s back.  Braves chased off Cliff Lee in three innings, and ended up winning 6-3, which ruled.

Photos: Gwinnett Braves 2011 Home Opener

At this point, the baseball season was already eight days old.  The Atlanta Braves started the season on the road in Washington D.C., and then Milwaukee, and weren’t going to be home for another day.  Tired of just watching baseball games on television, I couldn’t wait any longer to be out at a ballpark, so I jumped on the opportunity to attend the Braves’ AAA minor league affiliates, the Gwinnett Braves, located about 20 minutes north of Atlanta.

I like early-season baseball, and the cool chill in the air after the sun sets.  I enjoy wearing sweatshirts or hoodies, and the comfort in wearing long sleeves and fighting off lower temperatures, and not feeling the least bit hot, like things tend to get in the middle of July.  But most importantly, it felt so refreshing to once again sit in the stands, and just be watching live baseball, with the action happening in actual person, and not behind a television screen.

The G-Braves prevailed over the always good Tampa Bay affiliates, Durham Bulls.  Considering the pitcher for the Braves pitched at the major league level all of 2010, I guess I should have expected him to be somewhat adequate against minor leaguers.