Photos: A day trip to Birmingham, Alabama

Since I was kind of sick at the start of the baseball season, I pretty much missed the entire opening homestand for the Braves.  Which is kind unfortunate, considering the Braves won five out of the six games they played in Atlanta, but now they’re on the west coast, and will be out there for like another week, or so it will feel.  Or maybe it’s just that I really relish the novelty in visiting ballparks I haven’t been to before, over my home park, who knows really.  So the first baseball game I went to live this year would be a new one.

Despite having lived in Atlanta for the past nine years, I’d never actually stepped foot in the state of Alabama before.  I’ve never had any reason to, and I can’t say that I’d never felt compelled to visit for any other reason than baseball.  Living where I live, I’ve had my share of exposure from Alabamans, most of them less than positive.  Too much Roll Tard and absurd loyalty to college football spawning irrational idiocy.  But with Rome and Lawrenceville already off the list, it left me with few alternatives.  And with the Braves’ double-A affiliates from Mississippi playing in Birmingham, it looked like good of reason as any to make my first ever trip into Alabama.

Aside from all the road construction, and seeing regular motorists seemingly frequently hop their trucks into the police shoulder to U-turn on I-20, it wasn’t as bad of an experience as I imagined it would be.  Alabama seems to have way more foliage than Georgia does, as evidenced by all the trees and forest land I drove through to get to Birmingham, and it’s kind of pretty, to be honest.

The ballpark was nice, the weather was a little on the cool side but still beautiful.  And the Mississippi Braves won, which was nice.   Naturally, a Real Men Don’t Wear Small update will be soon coming, the first of 2012.  Ironically, another trip to Alabama is on the agenda next weekend, but this time to Montgomery.  For more baseball, obviously.

I took a ton of photos; with the new DSLR, I’ve been taking a lot of bursts.  I pared 350 shots to half of that for this trip, but I don’t expect it to be the norm; it was mostly because it was Braves kids that I took so many pictures.  But regardless, here’s the gallery.

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Except that it’s okay to forget.  Unless you believe that adage of those who forget are condemned to repeat.

Ain’t nothing like extending a birthday weekend than getting a day off due to Confederate Memorial Day. It’s funny, because it’s such an acknowledgment of once such racist beliefs.  Everyone at the office talks about how embarrassing it is that the state still acknowledges it, but I don’t hear anyone complaining about a day off in that dearth period between Moloch Day and Memorial Day that all the other pleebs in the state, and other liberal-minded states don’t get off.

But whatever.  I have today off, and you probably don’t.  Ironically, I’ll still find myself sitting at a computer for a lot of today, before I force myself to get out of the house and go to the store or something, before settling into ME3 time.

This, is not a Mass Effect 3 spoiler

To my count, at least seven different characters in the Mass Effect universe promise to buy Shepard drinks once “this is all over.”  As you can see, the thought of free booze pleases Commander Shepard, greatly.  All he has to do is rid the galaxy of the Reaper Invasion threat, and it’s party time!

This however, is a massive Mass Effect 3 spoiler

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Among other things, the internet ruins wrestling

When the fans were chanting for Brock Lesnar fifteen minutes before he was supposed to “shock the world” with his return, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in John Cena’s head, since he was the guy in the ring trying to cut a promo, but being drowned out by the Lesnar chants.  Also, I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in the minds of WWE upper management and Vince McMahon at what was transpiring before their very eyes and ears – every single person in an arena, completely already in the know of what was probably carefully prepared, scripted and planned to be a big surprise.  I wonder if someone got fired as a result, or even more meta, this was all perhaps an even bigger elaborate ruse!  But I kind of doubt it.

When LORD TENSAI emerged to silence with an elaborate ring entrance, complete with a Japanese Virgil, the fans were in silence, awaiting for the moment when this “new” wrestler would remove his veil and reveal his face to the crowd.  And then there was a gigantic groan of a sound from the collective audience at the familiarity behind the man, whom no amounts of new tattoos and Japanese scripture written on his face could hide.  Within seconds the “AL-BERT” chants began drowning out the arena, and without question, had he not prepared for the re-debut with a new razor, I’m sure the “shave your back” chants would have erupted too.

In both these instances, the internet had a large part in; Lesnar’s return being widely revealed before the debut.  And if someone didn’t know who Prince Albert was when he was still Prince Albert, look no further than to the very Twitter that WWE is fervently pushing so rabidly, to have revealed/reminded to all wrestling fans, old and new, that Lord Tensai = AL-BERT – trending worldwide, of course.

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It should really have been called “Boy Meets World Through his Fuck-up Best Friend”

Over the last few months, I’ve been watching a lot Boy Meets World reruns.  It’s on in the mornings in that time I’m preparing for the day and eating breakfast, and those few minutes before I leave for work.  It was a show I enjoyed a lot while growing up, when it occupied the 9:00 p.m. slot of TGIF, and it’s admittedly a trip down memory lane, watching it on most weekday mornings.

But watching it through my old-as-shit grownup eyes now, it’s so obvious of what the dynamic of the show really was.  It was never so much of the life and development of the main character, Cory Matthews through his own actions, as much as it was Cory and everyone else learning, living and understanding life by means of best friend Shawn Hunter’s constant fuckups.  Pretty much all of the adversity of the Cory character stems from girls and school.  All other conflicts throughout the series are funneled through Shawn’s character, and it’s up to Cory, his family and Mr. Feeny to guide him through all these life’s roadblocks, and where they can all learn and grown through his parade of failure.

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