Why do so many people think they’re above McDonalds?

I’m sitting in my cube, and I overhear some of my co-workers talking about their weekend.  One of them is bitching because he’s concerned that his in-laws are going to make his kids fat, because they went to McDonalds over the weekend.  And then the inevitable statement that he never goes to McDonalds, and that they’re somewhere along the lines of the worst stuff on the face of the planet.

Firstly, his in-laws did what all stereotypical red-blooded, all-American, salt of the earth white grandparents do with their grandkids – spoil them and feed them unhealthy foods.  A trip to McDonalds isn’t going to destroy the health of two toddlers if the everyday parenting is good.

But back to the point, why do so many people think they’re above McDonalds?

Personally, I don’t go to McDonalds, because they’re simply not good for me.  But I’m not going to say that I don’t like their food at all, because it’s completely false.  There are times when I’d love to have a Big Mac or some Chicken McBoots with a side of as many fries as my stomach could house.  That shit is delicious, in the worst sort of way, and I’d be flat out lying if I ever said that McDonalds was the lowest possible denominator on the food chain.  Why so many people seem to think that eating tree bark or live earthworms as a superior option is completely beyond me.

I don’t really get it either.  A part of me think it’s some form of societal snowballing which has led to this reputation that there’s nothing worse on the planet than McDonalds food, which is why so many people have this notion that they’re above McDonalds in general.  Sure, the food’s not the greatest quality in the world, but I’m willing to bet that every single person likes something that is universally considered unpopular by others too.

Sure, McDonalds is pretty crappy food and it’s not good for anyone in excessive quantities. But I’d like to see more people cut back on the hyperbolic hive-minded opinion that it’s akin to AIDS on the list of worst shit on the planet.

Mafia Graves gun update: Almost done, almost done

Yes, the image is deliberately rotated here, because currently, the painted gun is hanging on a noose in my garage.  The paint is still a little too tacky to have it sitting out, so I’m having it hanging via the tape-covered stock from my garage roof.  I didn’t make as much progress on it as I had hoped for today, but I have made some good strides regardless, and I am optimistic that I need only one or two days left to get the gold accents and shell caps in.

Admittedly, there are a few small details that may get omitted due time and inability to locate, but for the most part, I’m very optimistic on how this is turning out.  I am almost there, and I’m looking forward to wearing the costume at Dragon-Con.

Mafia Graves gun update: Core assembly 90% done

Tonight was an evening of vast frustration and agitation, but this is where my gun stands after another night of solid work time.  The stock went on exactly how I had planned it to, and I was ecstatic that it went so smoothly.

Unfortunately, the front clip not so much.  Although the picture doesn’t show all the details, there were numerous cracks to my Shell Shock, and because I’m human and don’t have four arms like Goro, I made some aiming mistakes with the drill and bore more holes than necessary, leading to some structural weaknesses.  The steps necessary to begin rectifying the problems pushes me back a little bit in where I wanted to be after the night, but from a visual standpoint as a whole, I’m pleased with the general progress.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have this bitch painted by weekend’s end, and be right on the path down the home stretch.  It does feel good to be creating shit with my own hands.

Why do so many black people only pay in cash?

I know, it’s not February or Black History Month, but I still feel compelled to ask this question while it’s fresh in my mind.  But honestly, genuinely, I really am curious to why so many black people are insistent on always paying for things in cash?

It doesn’t matter if I’m at Target, a clothing store, supermarket, or even at the Comcast service center I’ve been to more times than I should have, when it comes to most all of the black people I see paying for food, gas, clothing or bills, they’re doing so in cash.  Especially the bills, but I may or may not get back to that, depending on my train of thought.

The first few times I saw the referenced YouTube clip, I couldn’t help but think that the commercial was presumptuous and pretty prejudice towards people who pay in cash, not to mention downright snobby.  A deli-like food establishment isn’t exactly the best example to show the drawbacks of cash, and they certainly exaggerate the time it takes for a cash transaction to occur, not to mention not a single check card user seems to want a receipt for their transaction like people like me always want.  But the message is fairly simple, which is that using a check/credit card is more expedient and/or convenient than paying in cash.

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I want to eat a candy-filled steak


Long story short: draught ravages corn crops, cost of corn goes up, cattle farmer can’t afford to feed cows corn, switches to candy

There’s something about this story that seems kind of dystopian, or Soylent Green-ish, but regardless it is still pretty cool, and I have to say resourceful and kind of ingenious. Perhaps it hits home a little too hard, with the state of Fat America, but apparently it works on livestock too.

All I know is that this is really giving me a hankering for some steak, and I would prefer it to come from this Kentucky cattle farm, and the label to read “100% candy-fed all-American beef,” or something along those lines.

I wonder if this beef will have any sweetness to its flavor, or if them fattening up on all this chocolate and candy alters the taste of them at all?