Priority priorities

A list of things more important than underinflated footballs:

  1. Everything

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I’m in an unpleasant mood.  There’s the easy “what else is new” crack available here, but the point remains, I’m in an unpleasant mood right now.

I was unable to help my mom rectify her internet connectivity issues last night, and grew frustrated over having to sit on hold with Verizon for 30 minutes, eventually getting someone who wasn’t listening to what I was saying, and the perpetual communication shortcomings between American-born childwith Korean-born parent where neither’s native tongue is the same.

My mom hung up the phone defeated at another night of being unable to watch streaming Korean dramas and I hung up the phone frustrated and exasperated with being called every time there’s an issue with a fucking computer, before boiling over into a completely different realm of resentment and guilty loathing.

I’m not an IT person, I’m barely passable when it comes to working with computers.  I read directions and can follow them fairly okay, which might be the reason why people including my family seem to have the idea that I’m the person to contact whenever they’re having computer issues.  But even the most qualified and experienced tech gurus need the same things I would, in order to troubleshoot a problem over the phone: information and a person who knows how to understand what they’re being told, much less the ability to follow any physical direction.

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The perils of watching Breaking Bad

I started watching Breaking Bad.  Yes, I’m like five years behind the curve on this one, but anyone that knows me knows that that’s usually the case; I mean, I just started reading Game of Thrones too, and that’s about as equally behind the curve as far as current trends are concerned.

Either way, I like Breaking Bad, as I knew I would once I actually started to watch it.

But man, is it sometimes a dangerous show to watch, for anyone who may or may not get tendencies to grow disenchanted with their own jobs.

Naturally, I’m alluding to the fact that I recently got one of those assignments at my job that really makes me cringe, whine and protest, at how generally insulting it is to my profession.  Naturally, I am talking about a project that involves the end product needing to be delivered in PowerPoint actually Excel this time, but still, equally as Microsoft Office, and equally as utter bullshit.

The part where every time I get an assignment where the deliverable is requested to be a Microsoft Office file, I hate my job and I hate my life, I feel bad for my line of work, and feel utterly disrespected as a graphic designer hasn’t changed.

However, because I’ve been watching Breaking Bad as of late, now I’m beginning to have those ironically sympathetic feelings for Walter White, and thoughts that perhaps he’s on to something, by slinging crystal meth.  This is what makes watching Breaking Bad somewhat perilous, in an ironically humorous way.

Seriously, why the fuck would I want to continue delivering shitty fucking Microsoft Office files to luddites who don’t value aesthetic order and the importance of clean visual aids, when I could probably make 50 times my annual salary if I became a meth kingpin instead?

Undoubtedly, the first thing I would do upon realizing that my eyes were open and that I was truly free, would be to march into Best Buy or Staples, and fucking rip the entire shelf down that was carrying Microsoft Office.  I would then stomp every single copy, security case and all, until they resembled the crystals I was slinging for mad profits.

Sure, there’s the whole issues with morals, a bitchy meddling wife, Mexican cartels and the DEA, but god damn, the idea of ditching my mundane office job full of uneducated and ungrateful end users for the lucrative life of a methamphetamine drug lord seems like a vastly superior option.

Oh, Square

Long story short: Final Fantasy XV (fifteen(!!)) becomes the first Final Fantasy game in the franchise to have the trademark Cid character be a female.

Knee-jerk reaction: It’s sad to think that Cid, who has always been somewhat a symbol of integrity, importance and sometimes humor, has been reduced to a token pile of tits for this one.  I’m not saying that she’s not going to be possibly important, possibly humorous and possibly have integrity, but she’s still going to be paraded around like a pile of tits.

It’s seeing things like this that make me tell myself that I really wish the franchise would go with its namesake, and actually finalize the fantasy, and stop making them.  Obviously that will never happen, because the franchise is a veritable printer of money, but it’s still a sad state of affair that the series continues to go down this bumpy slope, even if it is reflecting and attempting its hardest to appeal to modern ideals.

I understand that change is sometimes necessity and change is sometimes inevitable, but to not only just swap genders with Cid, but to basically wave the slutty wand on her too?  I basically give the :/ emoji face at this thought.  I am not impressed.

So I guess it’s only a matter of time when there’s Final Fantasy XVIII has a female character who has an alternative outfit that’s the equivalent of “sexy moogle dancer” who races Chocobos for a living, who’s named Cid.

Honestly, I just don’t care about the franchise anymore.  It’s just sad to think that the franchise where I couldn’t wait each successive game, where I had subscriptions to two video game magazines with hopes that news, screen caps any information about them would be available, and I’d draw characters and imagine fan fiction about, would eventually turn into this putrid series of fluff over substance, pandering over delivering, and characters with cool hair and attractiveness over being able to tell a god damn story.

Happy recognized Moloch Day!

I just want to show my appreciation for the eternal prince of hell, for doing whatever he did back in some ancient time, to warrant having the third Monday of every January off, even to this modern day.

Educate yourself to why it’s important to distinguish between using “MLK” versus “Martin Luther King, Jr.”